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A free well-being program delivered in class for years 4 & 5 to educate children on key well-being habits and encourage healthy choices.

Our Mission

The mission of the Norths Devils Belong Program is to build a feeling of belonging and improve wellbeing in our community, particularly with school children.

We believe all children should have a sense of belonging and connectedness that respects diversity and identity.

Why is the program needed?

Childhood is a crucial time for the development of healthy habits and creating a foundation for future wellbeing.

Unfortunately, many children do not develop healthy wellbeing practices, which can lead to adverse outcomes later in life.

The Norths Devils Belong Program aims to educate children on key wellbeing habits and encourage healthy choices at this young stage in their lives.

In 2013-14, 10% of children aged 4-13 were classed as having abnormal social and emotional wellbeing. (Department of Health)

Only one in seven children met the Australian guidelines for physical activity of at least 60 minutes per day (LSAC, 2018).

Approximately 1 in 10 students aged 12-17 reported having self-harmed at some point in their life. (Young Minds Matter, 2017)

Just 6% of children met both the fruit and vegetable dietary recommendations in 2018. (Department of Health)


How the Belong Program helps

The program aims to be a proactive approach to well-being, as opposed to being reactive.

We aim to prevent future well-being issues both physical and mental by assisting children at this earlier stage in their lives.

The feedback from our school contacts is that there is a need for more exposure to these positive well-being messages.

What's in the program?

In a relaxed, fun session at their school or sports club, they will be introduced to topics such as:

  • Healthy eating & drinking water,
  • Sleeping habits & reducing screen time,
  • Being connected to & respecting others,
  • Self-awareness and personal growth,
  • Being active

The sessions are generally run over a 4 week period (1 session/week).


Booking the Belong Program for your school

For further information for your school, please contact us at or call us on 3266 9121.

The program is currently focusing on the North Brisbane district but we are happy to take expressions of interest from outside this area.

The current program is targeting primary school aged children, especially grades 4-6. We are in the process of developing a high school program due to popular demand.

"We've found that the Belong Program has been a fantastic opportunity for all of our children involved.

Having as many kids exposed to these types of messages is only a positive."

- School Learning & Engagement Leader

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